Hi and WELCOME to my online home for all things Naturally Nourished.

I’m Tania, a naturopath, nutritionist, modern day hippy and more importantly, I’m a (crunchy) mum. I started this website in order to share some of the things we do to avoid modern day chemicals in our food, on our skin, and in our home. To share recipes, remedies, tips, homemade goodies and just stuff that I enjoy and find interesting. Hopefully, you’ll enjoy some of it too.

This is the team behind Naturally Nourished

My health journey began when I was interested in sports nutrition. Since I was young I’ve played softball and was into sprint training, I was eager to learn more about fueling my body and improving my performance on the field and track with optimum nutrition. So I started studying nutrition with a focus on getting into sports nutrition. While studying I was lucky enough to have the most amazing lecturers who understood health beyond a caloric intake and with their knowledge and passion of natural health, created a deeper awareness of what it truly meant to be healthy. Nutrition is certainly key to creating optimal health but I felt there was more for me to learn and this is what lead me to change direction from sports nutrition to nutritional medicine.

After studying Nutritional Medicine I decided to study Naturopathy to become a Naturopath. This gave me the tools I needed to incorporate nutrition, alternative/natural medicine, and diagnostics to be able to treat the whole person and not just their symptoms.

For me, creating health has a strong focus on Nutritional Medicine and a natural approach to treating poor health to prevent disease. To manifest health from a cellular level is to incorporate supportive measures for the whole body as well as improve lifestyle choices, to replenish a depleted body and essentially create balance. This is done in many ways and the treatment and supportive measures depend on the clients presenting concerns. This to me is the most effective way to create and maintain health long term.

Fast forward a few years and I’ve found my passion for preconception health, fertility, pregnancy nutrition, birth support,  postpartum health and general health. I am an advocate for organic, chemical-free food, products and lifestyle choices. I’m a natural “crunchy” mum and couldn’t be more appreciative of the things I/we have learned over the years to know what we know about health and wellness, to keep my family healthy and well.