Nutrition is the key to creating and maintaining health and wellness. Our internal biochemistry relies on essential nutrients every day in order to promote healthy organ function, detoxification processes, digestion, nervous system health, hormonal balance, adrenal sufficiency, weight loss and many many more processes that occur within the body. Therefore, when we are consuming a daily intake of nutritionally deficient foods, or simply avoid specific food groups we are going to be lacking in essential nutrients that our internal functions thrive on.

The amazing thing about the body is that it works extremely hard to compensate to overcome deficiency by storing certain nutrients and relocating nutrients to where it’s absolutely vital but the body can’t run on empty forever so it’s only a matter of time before we may start to feel or see the effects that the lack of nutrients can have on the body. These effects may come in the form of low energy, fatigue, tiredness, trouble sleeping or getting to sleep, cravings, diabetes, constipation, recurrent colds/flu, headaches and many more common symptoms.

When we nourish the body with nutrient dense foods as well as eat the right kinds of foods in the correct proportions to support our activity levels we are creating optimum health and working in the means of prevention.

The best thing you can do for your health is learn how to nourish your body!