Preconception & Fertility

Egg fertilization illustration Eisprung, Befruchtung und Einnistung der Eizelle

Preconception health is probably one of my favourite topics to research and talk about. I believe that giving your baby the best start to life is improving the health of both mum and dad at least 3-6 months before conceiving. 3-6 months is optimal however it’s never too late to start making changes that can directly effect the health of your reproductive system!! Preconception health involves both parents and can be done through improving diet & lifestyle choices. For mum we focus on creating the healthiest environment possible for your baby to not only grow and develop but to thrive & for dad to be the focus is on improving sperm quality, count & motility through supplementation, dietary & lifestyle adjustments.

A preconception plan is dependent on the individuals, the following includes some of the protocols involved:

  • Investigations to check stores of essential nutrients vital for conception as well as health during pregnancy – Investigations aren’t necessary, however if the diet is and has been devoid of essential nutrients, we want to work toward building these nutrient stored back up. Blood tests show exactly what’s going on within the body in regards to nutrient stores and can rear your treatment in the right direction.

Other investigations will depend on presenting concerns, if any such as thyroid function, fertility hormone testing,                  cardiovascular health and heavy metal toxicity.

  • Nutritional assessment and dietary adjustments
  • Nutrition Handouts
  • Information and Handouts on Preconception Care
  • Detoxification Program (If necessary)
  • Practitioner Range Supplementation to help improve reproductive health for him & her, increase nutrient stores, support fertility, balance hormones, promote detoxification processes, regulate menstrual & ovulatory cycle and support  general health and wellness
  • Handouts on charting your ovulation
  • Handouts and information on improving sperm quality, count & motility through nutrition – The sperm cell is essentially your baby, therefore doing what you can to improve the quality of the sperm is improving the health of your baby. Improving sperm health and ensuring your little swimmers are strong and healthy can also increase your chances of falling pregnant sooner.