Pregnancy Nutrition & Support

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During pregnancy there’s a high demand for vitamins, minerals and nutrients, these are the building blocks for your growing and developing baby. For example, calcium is in demand throughout pregnancy, especially as bub starts to develop and strengthen their bones. Calcium is also important in the strengthening and regulation of heart contractions, sending nerve signals, muscle contractions, energy production, hormone release and many more processes within the body.

Avoid suboptimal nutrition and deficiencies during pregnancy with a healthy well-balanced diet rich in fresh fruit and vegetables, high in good quality protein and essential fatty acids. Not only should the diet be high in these healthy ingredients, but it’s also important to minimise consumption of refined sugars and eliminate or significantly reduce caffeine & processed/refined foods.

The majority of Australians have an inadequate intake of dietary vitamins and minerals. This, along with increased nutritional demands during pregnancy, makes taking high quality vitamin/mineral/nutrient supplementation a valuable recommendation for pregnancy care. Rather than grabbing the cheapest formula from the local supermarket or chemist, consider a high quality formula to ensure you are getting all the right nutrients you need at the correct dose required to grow a healthy baby.

Stress can be a major underlying factor affecting fertility and the future health of your child. Minimise the impact of stress on your and your baby’s health by practicing relaxation exercises such as meditation, yoga and creating time to rest and and do activities that you enjoy!

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