“Tania went above and beyond to help me in my pregnancy. She offered me so much knowledge, encouragement, and positivity. All my questions were answered and she taught me how to take exceptional care of myself and my baby through different stages of pregnancy, birth, and post birth both nutritionally and somewhat emotionally. I feel so grateful to have had Tania’s amazing support through this incredibly important time in any womans life.”  


“Tania helped my husband and I with a mini life transformation and I am so grateful for that. I worked with Tania for about 8 months and learnt so much from her over this short period. She taught me so much about the importance of nourishing, looking after and appreciating your body. Tania is one amazing person who is very passionate about nutrition and eating good quality food. She is very inspirational, positive, genuine and caring. I used to consider myself reasonably healthy but Tania helped me make some improvements with my diet and lifestyle and I noticed some dramatic changes. I have never been a morning person but after a few months of eating well this changed. I had a lot more energy and seemed to wake up before the sun, even without an alarm! I was a lot more productive with my time. I felt more focused during the day, my eyes were clearer and whiter, my skin improved and I was more motivated generally. Once you start to feel how good your body can feel and function it makes you realize what you have been missing out on. My husband also lost 17kg with the changes Tania motivated me to make with our meals at home. I used to crave a cappuccino every morning now it’s a green smoothie!”


“After being told by a doctor to make an appointment with a dietician t​o help me with tummy problems I was very confused to who I should go to, I happened to talk to Tania one day about this and she told me she was a nutritionist  so I asked a few questions and her enthusiasm and knowledge took me by surprise , I knew then I was very comfortable with Tania , so I made an appointment with her to discuss my diet. I honestly cannot believe what a difference she has made  with her a​dvice to me and the ease to email h​er if there is any concerns with food that I feel may be a problem to me. Tania, I thank you so much for helping me with correct diet choices and helping me with a problem I have put up with for so long , to now seem to have under control with your expertise . Thank you for being so easy to listen to and to make it easy to understand  where I was going wrong in my diet.”


“Tania at Naturally Nourished immediately put me at ease with her relaxed, warm and positive approach. She is a wealth of knowledge and is passionate about her field and helping others to achieve their personal health goals. Tania is a great listener and was responsive to my individual needs. I always leave her sessions feeling reenergised and empowered with relevant information and products to improve my health.”

RELLA , 32yrs (33 weeks pregnant 5th bub)

For the last 2 years since menopause started my general health and wellbeing has been suffering. I continually seemed to have a permanent cold or would catch anything going around and night sweats were overwhelming.

I decided to see Tania to help me find a more natural way of healing these ailments. Wow, from the first visit I would have to say that Tania has been able to alleviate my worries and furnish me with information, chinese herbal preparations and strategies to address my symptoms. My night sweats stopped after a short period of time and I haven’t suffered from any colds or the like since seeing her 2 months ago. I have found Tania to be a great listener, and absolute wealth of information and her passion shines through at each visit. I still have some ways to go with my lifestyle choices but with Tania’s help and care I know she will inspire me to succeed. I look forward to each visit with Tania and would certainly recommended you make a time to see her if you have any health or lifestyle concerns.”

Leigh, New Farm